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A company specializing in processing and exporting seafood and agricultural products.

We have a qualified and experienced working team, which allows us to meet our customer’s specific needs flexibly and responsibly. Our role and mission are to bring customers high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

Awareness of the importance of food safety to consumers and product quality control is at the top of our concerns. We have an experienced raw material purchasing team that is responsible for purchasing good quality raw materials that are strictly inspected, meet quality assurance standards, and meet the requirements for microbiology, antibiotics, etc. At the processing plant, we also have a very professional and experienced inspection team responsible for monitoring production and checking product quality right at the production line. We are ready to remove unqualified products before they are delivered to the customer.

Our commercial partnership with food companies allows us to supply seafood products such as Pangasius, Tuna, Red mullet, Mahi Mahi, etc., and agricultural products such as Rice paper, Rice noodles, Rice vermicelli, Black fungus, etc. Our ability to supply goods is limitless; for any product that customers have a need to buy, we can help bring them the best products at reasonable prices. Finding and choosing a low-cost processing plant with good production capacity helps us save money for our customers. All factories applied for international certificates such as ISO 22000, BRC, HACCP, IFS, HALAL, and GLOBAL GAP, ASC.

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