Market name: Amberjack

Scientific name: Seriola quinqueradiata

Common name: Buri


Yellowtail is probably best known in the U.S. as a sushi/sashimi called Hamachi. Its FAO name is Japanese amberjack. It is probably the most valuable member of the jack family and is a large, fast, silvery fish that the Japanese have successfully farmed for many years. In Japan the adult fish are called Buri white the younger fish are Hamachi.

Eating Qualities

This oil – rich is largel reserved for use in sushi restaurants and considered one of the best for eating raw. Also suitable for grilling, cooked yellowtail meat is white, tender and delicious.

Fish Fact

Yellowtail has been farm-rased from wild increased substantially during the 1970s. Today most yellowtail is farm-raised.

Yellowtails are now almost exclusively farmed and almost all of it in Japan. Fry, called mojako in Japan, are harvested underdrifting seaweed. They are taken with the seaweed and placed into floating cages in the coastal Pacific. It takes about two years for yellowtail to reach a commercial harvest size of 10 – 14pounds. They are then harvested live by boat and brought to the processing plants. Japan is now producing over 150.000 tons of yellowtail per year.

Yellowtail is an oily fish with a delicate meat and a small flake. In the colder months the meat tends to have a higher fat content. Raw, it has a white to golden flesh and may display a dark reddish line at the edge of the fillet. While most yellowtail is served raw, another product from yellowtails is mostly cooked. Hamachi Kama is the yellowtail collar, the shoulder area right behind the head. Hamachi Kama is gen really served baked, boiled, or grilled with the bone-in.

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